Taigh Granaidh at
43 Breasclete
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Salmon fishing
Lewis and Harris are internationally famous for their salmon fishing and the Grimersta water, just a few miles from Taigh Granaidh, holds the record for the most salmon caught in a day and in a week. The islands havenít seen the same collapse in sea trout and salmon numbers as has been the trend in other areas and so the visitor stands a realistic chance of a fish, indeed if the conditions work well for them they might even manage a double figure day. As with other areas anglers are encouraged to return salmon and sea trout and some estates in the area have a policy of only allowing one fish to be kept for the pot to aid their conservation efforts.

Many of the local estates let the fishing along with the lodge, so guests staying in the lodge get first refusal on the fishing, but even so it is usually possible for the visitor to get a day and there is a realistic chance of getting the opportunity to fish some very famous and very productive water. There are also some areas of free fishing: the Arnol River, about 10 minutes drive from the house, is free fishing and with reasonable water offers a good chance of a fish for example.

Just a few minutes from the house by car is the Carloway system which can be fished by visitors on a daily or weekly permit system. The Carloway River needs a lot of water to fish well but it does get a significant number of salmon and on the right day is well worth a cast. There are also two main lochs on the Carloway system and so if there is no water for the rivers then the angler can take to the loch.

Grimersta loch No2
Above: Loch No.2 at Grimersta

Below: The River Creed near Stornoway
River Creed near Stornoway
About 10 minutes south of Taigh Granaidh lies Garynahine Estate which in 2012 produced 555 salmon for the season. The system has several lochs plus a short river with a number of named pools including the famous Shipton and the huge Boat Pool. It is sometimes possible to get a day on the Garynahine system and if there is a decent wind the river can fish even in relatively low water.

The River Creed close to the town of Stornoway also offers salmon fishing on a daily permit system. There are also two good lochs on the system and boats are available. The average catch is 216 salmon and 172 sea trout per year.

Amhuinnsuidhe located on North Harris is one of the most famous salmon and sea trout fisheries and while the fishing is usually let with the castle it can sometimes be possible to get a day on the estate. The ground is truly spectacular with many of the lochs requiring a long and arduous walk across some pretty rough ground. On the other hand the most famous loch on the estate, Voshimid, is accessed by a track of about 7 miles and you can drive almost to the loch side. It is worth checking the condition of the track before making a booking as it may require a 4X4 or similar with good road clearance. If you get the chance to fish at Amhuinnsuidhe make every effort you can to take it.
Salmon fishing on Loch na Moracha
Below: Loch na Moracha